Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will it take to treat the perimeter of my house?

It normally takes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the size of the house.

Does anyone need to be home for my yard to be treated? 

We only ask that someone is at the house if we are treating inside your home. If we are just treating the outside, no one needs to be home. We will leave a receipt to let you know we were there!

What happens if it rains after my yard has been treated?

Our treatment only requires it be dry for an hour after application. If it does rain before the hour mark, we will come back and re-treat your yard at our expense. 

How much does a treatment cost?

Cost depends on the size of your home and if you want the inside of your house, outside of your house, or both treated. Call the office and set up your free estimate today!

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